What are the steps to buy a Property in South Florida?

Determine with our real estate advisor the area to buy and the purchase price.

Have a proof of funds available.

We show you the available options that best suit your plans and use of the property.

We explain to you the process and expenses associated with the purchase of the property that you will see reflected in the Purchase - Sale documents at the time of closing.

We plan an agenda to visit the properties, in case you are not physically there for those appointments we can do them virtually.

We take care of clarifying, discussing and negotiating on your behalf all the terms of negotiation.

We give you the information of the title company that will retain the necessary funds for the purchase of the property,

As your representative we present a contract-offer.

Final Steps ...

We send the contract for your Signature.

The Property is inspected in order to know what are the estimated amounts of possible necessary repairs that the new buyer may or may not assume.

If it is a condominium, new owners must apply to obtain approval through the association, this process usually takes 15-20 days.

Review of documents, distribution of funds and signing of Purchase Sales document with the advice of a Real Estate attorney who represents us throughout the process from start to finish.

Signing of documents, delivery of keys and Celebration.

We guide you so that your investment is covered from the financial, successor, and accounting point of view and in accordance with Florida law, connecting you with the different professionals in the area of finance, law and accounting.